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Right now, I'm working on three different stories:


Book 2 of the Warlock's Moon series is coming along nicely. There's much more to the story of Laurie and Alex. Plus, Anton and Corneliu will be making an appearance... and so will the Committee (and the dark secrets they harbor). This will be a longer book, so you'll get a chance to learn more about Alex's history and background.


I just started writing book one of a NA (new adult) serial, The Never Moments.


Finally, I'm also working on a horror book called Plague Roads, a mix of zombie apocalypse and storm-of-the-century story that launches the Wastelands series.


... And there are a few short stories on the works as well. Stay tuned for more information on those!

The print version of City of the Fallen is now available!

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Coming soon...


WICKED is getting a makeover...


You asked for it, so here's the news: I'm rewriting WICKED (Warlock's Moon #1) and adding 15,000 words to it.That means the book will be twice as long!


If you haven't read WICKED yet, get a copy today! Then, when the longer version is up and available for sale, you'll be able to update it for free through Amazon -- giving you a chance to read both versions!


Plus, you'll save a dollar by buying now, as the longer copy will be for sale at a higher price.



          Check out the new cover!  



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